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Welcome to the only capital in the world bordering two countries – Austria and Hungary, to a city, where  100 years back only 15% of its residents spoke Slovak, and to a capital, where it takes 10 mins by tram from the city centre to get to the forest.

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, beckons with its rich history, culture, and a wild mix of architectural heritage. A city on the Danube is a fusion of the old and the new, beautiful and ugly, where ancient castles overlook old forests, cobblestone streets, and vast fields of panel blocks, also known as paneláky.

Explore what this peculiar city offers with our curated list of top dining spots, accommodations, and must-see places.


Top must see-places

Can’t say you’ve seen Bratislava until you’ve visited these five places.

  • Námestie Slobody. Recently reconstructed fountain and a great public space to refresh in hot summer days. (5 min walk)
  • Slovak National Gallery. Great collections of modern art displayed in a space re-opened after 20 years. (5 min walk)
  • Historical centre. Mingle through the cosy downtown, check out Michael’s Tower, and the statue of Čumil and walk up to the Bratislava Castle. (1 min walk)
  • UFO. Can’t miss the Bratislava’s landmark – a restaurant and a viewing point. Cross the bridge and visit the park, Sad Janka Kráľa. (10 min walk)
  • Slavín. Walk up to a WWII liberation memorial and enjoy the view over town. (30 min walk)
Top must see-places

The Old Market Hall: From building to a public space

Start with Children conference takes place in the significant landmark of community endeavou. It stands as a testament to repurposing unused buildings, preserving their beauty and serving the public.

The Old Market Hall and the adjacent square boast a rich history dating back to the 15th century. It served as a bustling centre of commerce from fresh produce to handicrafts, later as a soda factory or a television studio. Just a few years ago, the building, closed to the public for many years, became a viable community space, thanks to the discontent of eleven individuals who decided to revitalise the market. Together, they restored its original architectural form and purpose and transformed the Old Market Hall into a cultural and market centre, a popular meeting place and one of the most important cultural centres in the city.

The Old Market Hall: From building to a public space

Got more time? Make more trips.

  • Nová Cvernovka. A cultural centre and a hub for creative industries, artist studios, and events. Refresh yourself at the bar or in the garden. (10 min by tram)
  • Slovak radio building. An upside-down pyramid is a must-see for modern architecture lovers. (10 min walk)
  • Bratislava Castle. Rectangular-shaped, four-tower castle built in the 9th century is the iconic landmark overlooking the capital. (15 min walk)
  • Kamzík Tower. A TV tower with a 360-degree restaurant at the top. (35 min by bus, 1 change)
  • Devín Castle. A historical monument overlooking the Austrian border, it was the westernmost point of the Iron Curtain during communism. Watch the Morava River flow into the Danube. Take a repellent. (30 min by bus)
  • Nedbalka Gallery. Get to know artists working in Slovakia from the late nineteenth century up to the present. (1 min walk)
  • VUNU gallery. Newly opened, relocated from Košice, a must-see contemporary art space. (1 min walk)
  • Blue Church. Historically important, visually appealing, blue church in the city centre. (5 min walk)

Find all these and more tips in our curated Google map. Follow it and save it when you’re walking around the city.

Got more time? Make more trips.

Our favourite dining spots

  • Fach Bistro. Craft bakery, high-quality culinary spot and mixed drinks.
  • Jasmin. One of the best Asian cuisines in town, designed by Bratislava’s mayor, before he was mayor.
  • Iasai. Tapas-style dishes inspired by Asia.
  • Irin. Regional traditional food in contemporary style.
  • Otto bistro for tasty brunches paired with local wine.
  • Langoš bar. Taste local speciality right next to the conference venue.

Drinks in good company

  • Viecha pod hradom. Exquisite local wines overlooking the Danube, under the castle.
  • Emil Café. A delicious design café next to a gallery.
  • Baryk. A cosy café and wine bar with modern design.
  • After. A good hide-out with local wines and beers.
  • Ost Block and Kácečko, two cultural centres next to each other, with live music, concerts, workshops, mixed drinks, beer and coffee.

Cafes with good coffee

  • Søren is an espresso bar with specialty coffee from various European roasteries and its own freshly baked pastries.
  • Black is an award-winning coffee roastery with a wide variety of cafés and delicious breakfasts. Famous for its humorous communication.
  • Grāo invites you to enjoy coffee or wine at a café opened by two brothers, known for its cosy interior which was nominated for the CE ZA AR architectural award.
  • Vták. This playful café charms with its friendly atmosphere and natural aesthetics, often savoured by bikers.

Find all these and more tips in our curated Google map.

Book your nights in advance

Book your flight and stay and make the trip to the conference a city break. Bratislava has its own international airport, but most people get here via Vienna International Airport and then take a direct train to Bratislava.

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